Broken or Not Jewelry? Gold and Silver Coins? *Silver and Gold coins can be found in junk coins and bags of old coins. The most commonly collected junk-silver U.S. coins were minted before 1965 and include Morgan and Peace dollars; Liberty Head "Barber," Walking Liberty, Franklin and Kennedy half dollars; Liberty Head "Barber," Standing Liberty and Washington quarters; Liberty Head "Barber," Winged Liberty Head "Mercury" and Roosevelt dimes; and Jefferson "Wartime" nickels. *Bullion coins are typically available in various weights. These are usually multiples or fractions of 1 troy ounce, but some bullion coins are produced in very limited quantities in kilograms and even heavier. Examples of what we buy daily: Class Rings Sterling Silver (silverware, figurines, jewelry etc) Chains Dental Gold Bent/Broken/Tangled jewelry Mismatched Gold or Sterling Earrings Charms and Pendants Bangles

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